The best sofa cushion filling

Written by The Foam Factory

Most often when investing in a sofa, owners will often look at the sofa’s style and color before making their final decision. However, it is important to note that your sofa’s cushion filling should also play a vital role in your decision. This is because the cushion filling is what makes your sofa comfortable and durable. Here are a few areas to look into when choosing your sofa cushion filling.

Foam – Foam is a common filling used and comes in different densities. The high-density foam is harder and more supportive, while the low-density foam is softer. However, the softer your foam is, the faster it will degrade. If you want foam that contours to your body, opt for memory foam layers.

Feathers and down – If you’re looking for softness, then feather-filled cushions are a good option. Most often duck or chicken feathers are used for this purpose. This type of filling will be more expensive than synthetic foam. Remember that waterproof covers are necessary with feather filled cushions, as they will not dry properly if they get wet. The other downside of feather filling is that they get lumpy and therefore need to be plumped often. If you still prefer the feel of a natural filling, choose it as a wrap over synthetic foam.

Polyester- This a good quality, inexpensive option for sofas and it is available in a number of densities. Soft polestar is bouncy, durable and suitable for people with allergies.

You can also include new cushions with similar foam fillings to add color and added comfort to your sofa.


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