How to decorate your living room with cushions

26Written by The Foam Factory

Living rooms are one of the most used spaces in the house. This also means that the furniture in your living room is likely to receive continuous wear and tear all year around. Therefore redecorating your space at least every 2 years is a good idea. Although redecorating can be expensive, consider small improvements that create a big impact. An easy cheap way to add a pop of color is to invest in new cushions and covers. To start this process, follow the steps below;

Step 1: Avoid matching cushions with your sofa – This is an old-fashioned approach and only makes your cushions blend in with your furniture. Instead, opt for different colors and textures to add interest.

Step 2: Select your color palette – To choose your color palette, look around your living room and to your seat cushions for colors that can be used. Aim to choose 2-3 colors that exist in your living space. The colors should also complement each other. To get your exact color, do a Google search and find your color swatch. This will make your in-store or online purchase a lot less confusing.

Step 3: Deciding how many cushions on a sofa – If your space is more traditional, opt for even numbers. While modern spaces will look best with odd numbers.

As a general rule, a 3 seater can take up to 5 cushions, while a 2 seater, up to 4 cushions, and 1 seater should hold just one cushion.

If you feel that your seat cushions are sagging it is a good idea to investment in cushion replacement. This will ensure that your seats are firm, plump and will look well put together once you place your new cushions on them.


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