The Timeless Beauty of White Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is a staple in several different home decor aesthetics, including bohemian, Victorian, and tropical aesthetics. Its elegant, weaved appearance has captured the hearts of many people since the days of ancient Egypt and Victorian England. From its first recorded appearance in the homes of wealthy Egyptians to its 19th-century popularity in England due to its versatility and durability, wicker furniture’s benefits have been well-known throughout history.

White wicker furniture, in particular, evokes the Victorian Era by bringing a regal atmosphere into modern-day households. Retailers such as Wicker Paradise sell white-painted wicker furniture for homeowners seeking a different ambiance from the more rustic tones of natural wicker. Natural wicker is made from plant-based materials such as rattan, reed, and bamboo. In its unadulterated form, wicker furniture feels a bit more earthy and less lofty. However, history has shown that it can easily be both, as upper-class individuals such as King Tut owned wicker furniture pieces.

Painting wicker furniture white can make it even more sophisticated. Wicker’s expertly crafted weaved appearance can be elevated by a sleek, exquisite white color. Lovers of Victorian, continental, and European aesthetics can benefit from the unique accents provided by white wicker furniture. You can find white wicker chairs, sofas, ottomans, tables, loveseats, and end tables for your specific living room needs.

To complete the regal look, you can also pair your white wicker furniture with exquisite floral-patterned cushions. You can also add other Victorian-inspired furniture pieces such as traditional velvet rolled-arm sofas and antique mahogany furniture.