Your Home and Garden Décor: Creating Bountiful Spaces

Your Home and Garden Décor: Creating Bountiful Spaces

Article by DJ Ledford

Temperatures are on the rise and so is the anticipation to get your home ready for maximum enjoyment. It’s time to get motivated for the season.It’s always advisable to take a good hard look around every room before you begin. Make a mental list of those areas you most want to work on, then push them aside. We all know what we SHOULD do: Air out the house, clean the carpets, get the dog groomed, dust top to bottom. Kind of bums you out, huh?So, let’s start with fun things first.It’s time to wash the blankets and comforters in order to store them until next year. Now you can look forward to re-dressing beds with your favorite patchwork quilts. Organize closets by placing lighter weight fashions to the front and setting aside heavy outerwear. Fresh cedar sachet’s for chests will ward off moths where you keep winter clothing items. If you just can’t bear the same coat or wardrobe one more year, donate them to those in need.In your living area, instead of wool throws, how about a new chenille coverlet arranged on the back of your couch to ward off a chill? Even color pillows that enhance the lightest shades in your furniture will give your room a fresh look.Lighter shades of color heighten your mood as well. Replace last season’s candles and silk flower arrangements with those featuring shades of pink, purple and blues. Opt for crystal and cut glass vases rather than baskets for your arrangements. Polish them with a soft cloth to exhibit their brightest gleam. Add a sense of style by partially filling them with colorful glass beads or marbles to hide unsightly flower stalks. Put away dark stoneware plates and soup crocks and replenish the cabinets with bright floral or white dishes. New dishtowels featuring flowers and vegetables from your anticipated garden would be a delight on countertops.Be certain your plastic outside dishware is in good shape as well. Are iced tea glasses free of scratches? Plastic utensils and paper napkins stocked and ready? Get your pitchers out in anticipation of fresh-squeezed lemon and limeade. Re-arrange the furniture by changing the focal point away from the fireplace in order enjoy the backyard or soon to bloom garden area.Now, draw back those heavy draperies and make full use of sheers to invite a fresh breeze into your refurbished surroundings. Take a tour of your living space. It’s okay to smile. Then, find your seed catalogs, sit down in your favorite chair and turn your attention to the outside.I’m always hungry, aren’t you? So, in preparation to fill that need, uncover and hose off the barbeque. Be sure to scrape the grill free of rust and residue. Refill the propane tank or buy fresh briquettes so you’ll be ready for any impulsive celebrations at the first sign of inviting weather. While you’re at it, replace the old mat at the front door to welcome your guests.Retrieve the lawn furniture from storage and make sure webbing is intact and that all the cushions are shapely. How does the deck look? Is it in need of a pressure wash to remove stains, mildew and mold? Tighten loose boards and raised nail or screw heads and be certain the railing is secure.To ward off pesky pests, citronella candles come in a wide variety of container styles from terra cotta pots to galvanized pails or lanterns and torches. You will be pleased to find that even votive size citronellas are available to pop into your collection of candle holders.Planting season is here. It’s time to take inventory. Make sure garden hoses are kink-free, new washers have been inserted into water wands, garden tool handles are free of splinters, pruners are sharpened, you have a matching pair of gloves, and your sun hat isn’t too much of an embarrassment if a neighbor peeks over the fence. A great way to start would be the introduction of a stunning variety of sweet peas. “April in Paris” is a favorite with its profusion of soft cream blossoms and lilac edges. Be sure to plant the seeds in a sunny location and provide a sturdy trellis for them to climb to their mature 6-8′ height. This hearty vine is frost tolerant in unpredictable pre-spring weather. Another beautiful sweet pea is the “Cupani”. Rich in fragrance and color, the bi-colored flowers of dark maroon and violet add a shock of pleasing color to any landscape or bouquet for the house. Another attention getter is the “Music Box” sunflower. Smaller than the traditional, edible “Sunzilla” variety, the “Music Box” reaches only knee height. Perfect for beds and borders, the fist-size, golden blooms with chocolate centers will delight all that behold them. If you sew more seeds 3-4 weeks after the first planting, you will be honored with flowers throughout the season.In a separate section, start an herb garden. This will enable you to stock your spice rack with freshly picked basil, thyme, peppermint and spearmint, fennel, rosemary and oregano to add to your favorite dishes.Prepare fresh fish topped with a sprig of rosemary, wrapped in foil then barbequed to perfection. Baked potato’s topped with fresh chives. How about dried sage rubbed on a pork loin. Or, a T-bone steak marinating in freshly chopped garlic before grilling. Flowering plants provide a feast for the eyes. There are a number of different types of lavender available and with its popularity growing, you will want to plant these vibrant, richly scented herbs throughout your garden areas. The English “Hidecote” features silvery foliage with spiked stalks topped with deep purple flowers. The “Munstead”, another English offering, boasts plump mounds of semi-dwarf plants with lavender-blue blossoms. All of your blooming choices will attract playful butterflies your whole family will enjoy. Now, place your sparkling lawn furniture in the ideal spot and soak up the sun as you scope out the ideal planting ground for your edible garden.For more decorating tips, please visit us at Helpful Home Ideas.

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