3 Scorching Ways To Squeeze More Cash From eBay

3 Scorching Ways To Squeeze More Cash From eBay

Article by Michael Silvester

3 Scorching Ways To Squeeze More Cash From eBay

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3 Scorching Ways To Squeeze More Cash From eBay

Every internet marketer knows the potential of the eBay market place to either be used to generate potential clients to their other online businesses, for quick cash generation to fund their other business ventures or even as a method of launching a brand new internet business. EBay is an excellent resource that no marketer should avoid and this article outlines the three major methods to generate an excellent revenue stream using the power of eBay.

Method #1 to squeeze more cash from eBay

EBay is renowned for its viral power. It is a market place designed with sellers in mind and fully utilizing this fact can lead to excellent profits for your internet business. By distributing viral eBooks with your website and affiliate links inside you can profit immensely. All it takes is one or two 99c listings by you of your eBook, 10 buyers may snap up the offer and distribute more copies and their buyers distribute more copies. Eventually, thousands of people will have read your eBook and tens of people generated you affiliate commissions.

Method #2 to squeeze more cash from eBay

One tool that eBay provides all sellers with is an About Me page. On this page you can add details about yourself, your hobbies, passions and your business. But we’re going to use it its fullest potential by including links to our websites and affiliate links.

EBay states that you are not permitted to link to sales pages in your About Me page, however I’ve never had any trouble and I’ve never heard of anyone else have any problems.

You can’t expect your auction visitors to go to your About Me page without a little prompting. In each of your auctions you should include a link to your page and give them an incentive for visiting, perhaps you could give away a free eBook.

Method #3 to squeeze more cash from eBay

This method involves raising some quick cash in order to fund some of your business ventures. It’s the simplest method of money making on the internet and simply involves selling any unwanted or unused items from around your house. I’m sure you have hundreds of dollars of objects just lying around your home and garden and selling them could raise extra capital to fund a writer to write you an eBook, tens of articles or anything else you need to expand your business.

You’re sitting on a potential goldmine and eBay is the perfect place to maximise its potential.

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