4 ways to add privacy to your yard

homegardenadvicesAs homes get larger in smaller lots, more people are creating outdoor living areas to make more space. However, this means that more of your neighbours will be using their yards, making your yard space more visible. There are a number of ways to add privacy to your yard space, here are 4, explained.

Privacy plantings – You can plant hedges around your property, to provide all year around screening. Most of these hedges are fast growing and low maintenance. Try planting an Italian cypress, arborvitae or a sheared privet hedge.

Layered privacy plantings – For a larger yard you could plant a mix of plants and create a layered natural look. For example, you could include a few evergreens and reduce the height with some deciduous material. Layered plantings will also provide texture, depth and colour. Some of these deciduous plantings will generally grow from 25 to 60 feet and can be a good way to obscure a neighbour’s view.

Container gardens for deck privacy – Create a green screen with potted plants around a raised deck. Arborvitae or clumped bamboo are great for this purpose. Ideally the plants should be movable, so that you can change the seating set up if needed.

Fences – A fence will give you instant privacy, however check your local building codes on the fence height restrictions. Fences are also suitable for small yards that are tight on space. To add interest build a open lattice or baluster top. You can then plant some flowering plants or evergreen shrubs, to soften the look.