Affordable furniture online shopping is convenient, or look beautiful? – Online shopping, home – Hou

Affordable furniture online shopping is convenient, or look beautiful? – Online shopping, home – Hou

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(632, ‘Editor 39 s note whether you buy over the net Likely most people the answer is yes With the popularity of electronic commerce more and more people began the quot Taobao quot quot eBay quot quot pat quot online shopping is becoming a new way to buy Its advantages are quite obvious you can stay at home will be able to buy most of the items you want But the disadvantages are also obvious you can not see the kind And furniture products online shopping risks are even greater The picture color difference is too large in kind materials and on line description does not match process fully as ingenious imagination or reality they are damaged after receipt but is not compensable do not send home delivery installation and other issues are missing after sales gradually exposed Reporter interviewed some of these issues users consumers industry businesses to enable them to talk about the view online shopping for furniture Users consumers unhappy people happy while others Miss Xiao order to save time the search and purchase of a Korean garden style dressing table stool Miss Xiao told reporters that prices cheaper than similar products on the market nearly 40 However the logistics business that furniture go to Miss Xiao themselves to pick up the logistics company Miss Xiao captured the other about half a month because businessmen told her the furniture production cycle to 10 days goods on the road to 3 to 5 days Trouble of online shopping When Miss Xiao received the notice of cargo driving onward nearly one hour to find Palit around the freight yard Invoices issued but the furniture wrapped in layers and Miss Xiao a person simply can not afford to open the check re packaged goods freight receiving only 50 per delivery Home and saw the green light business online promotion with her at the mall to see the paint is not the same but worn around the corner a piece of surface dressing vanity mirror has a small piece of brittle fracture contact the seller after the network admitted business has been expressed before buying Buyer should double check before receiving there are problems not receiving receiving the approval of goods not damaged In short they can not be held responsibility for logistics it can not service for the Miss Xiao return policies This is absolutely not the case Reporter in a net purchase of furniture online shop link on the number of users they have declared net purchase of furniture had similar experiences User kuangshao said do not select a general furniture storefronts he bought a four bucket counters home delivery and found the paint off but can not return the stakes Rights And warned users for durable goods such as furniture online shopping or not good However you can choose their own online shop furniture business first in the store promising models go online to buy better but it will not lower prices too much User bibodangyang but believes that the purpose of online shopping is to cheap and convenient if the price is better than line the store more than 30 cheaper no need to risk it Who lives in Wuchang District quot 80 quot after Mr Lau recently conducted a furniture online shopping home Internet access have purchased a 4 drawer Rattan Storage Cabinet this is his first time buying furniture online Fung long wanted to buy a baby be born green cabinet Ask around he heard rattan cabinet more environmentally friendly Him stroll in Zhongshan after several houseware stores and found very few suitable models the price of your side a small cabinet above the price in a few hundred dollars Entered in June the weather began to heat the weekend and the rain he simply surfing the Internet to buy ‘)

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