Upgrade Your Patio Furniture with Seat Cushion Foam

Written by the Foam Factory

A patio is a wonderful outdoor space where friends and family can relax and unwind. But after many years, patio furniture seats tend to wear out and become uncomfortable. When this happens, it’s hard to enjoy the great outdoors. So do you buy new patio furniture? The truth is new patio furniture is expensive. If you don’t have the budget to purchase new patio furniture, consider replacing the seat cushions with new foam. Adding new foam to your seat cushions can revive the seats and add comfort.  Here’s a look at how to upgrade your patio furniture with replacement seat foam.

Find the right foam retailer and type of foam. If you’ve decided to replace your patio furniture with new seat cushions, it’s time to find a retailer you trust and the type of foam that you will need. We recommend an online retailer such as The Foam Factory that carries a wide selection of foam. Chances are you will find the foam you need at a great price.

Once on the website, look for outdoor foam. Outdoor foam is ideal for patio furniture because it can withstand heat, rain, and heavy wear. It also offers numerous features. Outdoor foam dries faster than traditional furniture foam. It also has an anti-microbial feature that stops the growth of bacteria.

Buy the right size and shape. If you don’t want to cut the foam by yourself, you can purchase foam already cut in the size and shape of your existing furniture seats. Companies like the Foam Factory offer custom cushion

services for this purpose. First measure your current seats by removing the old foam. It’s important to measure the old foam properly. Many foam retailers offer instructions on how to properly measure the old foam. Follow the instructions and write down the measurements.

Purchase new foam. After you have the proper measurements, use the measurements to order your foam online. Online retailers such as the Foam Factory offer an easy way for customers to purchase custom cushions online. The first step is to find the shape of your cushion. Whether your cushion is round, square, or an L-cushion, you should be able to match it with the same shape online. Once you have the shape, you will need to enter the dimensions of your cushion. When your new foam comes in the mail, simply unzip the seat cushions and remove the old foam. Next, insert the new foam by folding the foam in half and pushing it into the cushions.
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