Architectural Record – A Magazine For Business Professionals

Architectural Record – A Magazine For Business Professionals

Article by Menlo Lippowski

Architectural Record is unlike any other home magazines on the market; think of it as a Better Homes and Gardens that focuses on buildings. If you are a professional in the field of architecture, you really owe it to yourself to subscribe to Architectural Record.

Besides doing extremely well by selling to people who are professional architects, the magazine through its in-depth photos and attractive layouts offers a whole host of appealing options to people interested in building their own buildings and homes. This in turn proves to be the greatest advantage in terms of enhancing sales for the magazine.

Out of all architecture magazines and for people all over the world, the magazine’s greatest features lie not only in its in depth information but also in its easy to read, understand and learn style of writing. This will most definitely ensure that it continues to be one of the most popular architecture magazines in today’s market.

This magazine contains in-depth discussion of the current market and of which designs are faring well and poorly in the marketplace. There are numerous designs out there, which guarantees that the magazine will never run out of material to discuss for its readers. As a result, many subscribers renew their subscriptions year after year to keep abreast of new developments.

But the magazine goes well beyond merely talking about which designs are fashionable today; it has no interest in chasing new fads each month. This magazine will also discuss classic designs that have had enduring influence for the last 100 years, and endeavors to provide something for every taste in architecture.

The magazine also has interesting articles about the science of building. New ideas are always brought up in this magazine, which keeps things very interesting. Its topics cover a wide range of subjects that would be interesting to those in the architectural business, from things like traditional drafting to technological coverage of computer drafting, and even to the business strategies various professionals employ.

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Though home magazines are abundant, there is none that compares to Architectural Record. It is an architecture magazine on par with the likes of Better Homes and Gardens.

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