Avoid an Upsy Daisy with A Garden Party for the Little People

Avoid an Upsy Daisy with A Garden Party for the Little People

Article by John Smith

The older we get, the less enthusiastic we seem to be about celebrating our birthdays, perhaps with the exception of those milestone years, but even then, it’s all about the party and keeping our actual age a secret becomes more of a priority for most.

It seems a shame that we can’t all get as enthusiastic about birthdays as much as anyone under the age of ten does; and with so many ways of celebrating children’s parties these days, such as an ‘In The Night Garden’ party theme, is it really any wonder that children get as excited as they do.

Whether you’re one of those parents who pretends to know what’s going on, or you genuinely get a kick out of watching children’s television, then you should be well aware by now that the latest craze involves a rather quaint little garden full of colourful and musical characters such as the Tombliboos and Igglepiggle.

If you don’t already know the characters and songs off by heart, then you’d better get some revision in as no doubt this is all your little ones and their friends really care about. It’s easy to see what the attraction is with these magical little people and famed for their friendly nature, they’re bound to be welcome at any child’s birthday party so why not invite them along with an in the night garden theme?

Sending out some In the Night Garden Party invitations should get everyone in the mood and are a great way for that birthday boy or girl to invite their best friends along to what promises to be a spectacular event. Children tend to have a lot more friends than adults do so it’s probably just as well that they come in generous packs of twenty.

With all of those children on their way, it’s important to really set the scene with your In the Night Garden party theme so why not welcome them all with a few In The Night Garden party decorations? From banners to balloons, the venue will certainly be colourful try the ‘In The Night Garden Helium Balloons’ for something a little bit more special; they can make a great little keepsake for any guest and instead of blowing them up yourselves, you get to preserve your energy for keeping an eye on all the kids.

When we all think of children’s parties, it’s probably the images and memories of the food that stands out the most getting that table looking just right is an important element to a successful party, so ensure that you avoid any tantrums by welcoming the guests with an ‘in the night garden’ plastic tablecloth (ideal for preserving your beloved furniture for those inevitable spills and easy to keep clean and reuse too!); and how about some In The Night Garden Party cups, plates and napkins? One of the great advantages to having disposable tableware is the time you’ll save yourself in the clean-up afterwards, and with all of those kids let loose, you’re probably going to need all the help you can get.

Running a child’s party can be exhausting, especially if you haven’t got any professionals to come in and give you a hand. Keeping them entertained is going to require some careful thought and consideration but if you get stuck, then you could always take inspiration from their favourite television show by putting on some music and playing their favourite games.

Once the candles have been blown out and the kids are all starting to wind down from their magical Night Garden Party, don’t forget one of the most important parts of the day giving them their party bags to take home. With the In The Night Garden party bags, everyone gets to take something home and along with their own slice of cake, why not treat them to an ‘In The Night Garden Noisy Blowout’, or for those parents who’d prefer a quieter afternoon, then a bottle of ‘in the night garden’?

There are plenty of things to choose from to ensure that the special day runs smoothly, and the early years birthdays are certainly the ones that will give you the most special memories, so getting it just right is probably more important than you can imagine.

Devout fans of the show will know that the Night Garden is a fictional world set in a child’s imagination as they drift between sleep and being wide awake with a little luck they’ll be rather exhausted after their very special day, giving you a chance to visit the ‘Pinky Ponk’, ‘Haahoos’ and ‘Makka Pakka’ for yourself!

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