Basic Gardening Tips to Help You Get Started

Basic Gardening Tips to Help You Get Started

Article by Charlie Croker

Thinking about starting a garden of your very own – this article will show you how. You shouldn’t be afraid to get started, as you can start small and gradually increase your knowledge over time. You don’t have to start out perfect – no gardener ever has – but it’s important to pick your plants and get started.

Choose the type of garden you want to have. You have a wide selection here, as some people prefer to plant vegetables they can eat, while others like flowers. Some home gardens are filled with beautiful and exotic plants from parts far and wide while other gardens tend to focus on local plants that are easier to maintain and sustain. When starting out, it’s best to stick to a single concept so that all of your plants have the same, or at least similar needs. Finding out before you begin about all the needs your plants have as far as soil conditions, fertilization, water, sunlight, and other needs will help you have a healthier garden from the very beginning.

The quality of the soil can have a huge impact on the success of your garden. A quick soil test can reveal important information about your soil like any nutrients it holds and its pH levels. What you want to do is pick plants that are a good match for the soil you have.

Adding nutrients can be used to make the soil more suitable. The weeds on your property can also give you a clue about the health of your soil. Be aware that different plants have different soil requirements so this is not a “one size fits all” sort of proposition.

Container gardening is an excellent option to consider if you’re low on space. You can have a container door practically anywhere – inside or out – and you only need the basics: seed, soil, and containers. You can get the tools you need plus soil and seeds at any local home and garden center and almost any container will do nicely. Just remember that you’ll have to be sure there is proper drainage at the bottom of any containers used. Container gardening is well suited for all kinds of gardening needs including working with herbs, vegetables, and flowers. There are many potential benefits and rewards you can receive from gardening. It gives you a chance to spend time outdoors, and you can even feed yourself and your family from your vegetable or herb garden. You’ll find that proper planning can indeed help you stay away from some of the problems that plague other gardeners – new and experienced alike. If you pay the proper attention to your garden it will become a garden you’ll be proud to show off.

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