Comparing Pool and Patio Furniture

Comparing Pool and Patio Furniture

Article by Jeanne Kubiak

When comparing pool and patio furniture, there are a variety of things to consider. Price is an obvious consideration, but some things are less obvious. Let’s start with durability.Outdoor furnishings take a beating. They are exposed to the elements on a near constant basis. If the construction is not durable, the items will have a very short lifespan.The colors of fabrics and plastics will fade with the sun. If you can pick a shady location for your furnishings, you can extend their lifespan.Painted wood can flake, peel and quickly become unsightly. For wood furnishings, stains are a better choice than paint. For example, the ever popular redwood stain is attractive and long lasting.The manufacturer should use a sealant over the stain to help protect the appearance of the wood and protect it from damage, such as splintering. The higher quality redwood furnishings are often coated with polyurethane. Not only does the coating provide protection, it makes the wood smooth to the touch.Lower quality metal furnishings will rust and bend. Some of the better manufacturers offer a limited warranty against rust and breakage. In most cases, the only warranty you get is against manufacturer’s defect. It is always a good idea to learn about the warranty, as well as the return policy, before you buy garden lawn furniture. That’s true regardless of the materials. A better warranty may be worth the money, if you want the pieces to last a long time.Weight is a consideration that many people fail to think about. Unless you buy very heavy furnishings, you will likely need to take them into the garage during high winds. At the very least, the chairs surrounding a patio table should be foldable or lightweight enough for you to move indoors when you need to.Windblown garden lawn furniture can cause damage to the house or danger to your family members. Heavy snows can cause cracks and other types of damage that are not covered by manufacturer’s warranties.Color, style and appearance are a matter of personal choice. The best advice is to choose something you can live with. You might quickly get tired of bright colors or unusual designs. Choose your pool and patio furniture in the same way that you would choose furnishings for any part of your home. Your outdoor living space may quickly become your favorite room of the house.

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