Garden trends for the new year

homegardenadvicesLike trends in fashion, trends exist in garden design. You don’t have to follow all garden trends, but including a few trends in your garden, will keep your garden looking fresh and give you a new project to work on. Here are a collection of trending ideas for the new year.

Colouring structures – People are looking at bring more colour into their structures, by painting their fences, arbors and houses. Instead of choosing white, grey or brown for a fence, opt for dark green or blues. The darker you colour your home, the richer your garden will look.

Subtle gardens – Garden trends are moving towards subtle colour ranges, like all white or a single colour gardens. This look provides a sense of uniformity and neatness, that is easier to maintain. Add depth with cement pots or structures.

Houseplants – People are treating indoor plants as small scale landscape. People are added a number of plants in one pot, for example a taller plant mixed with a shorter fern.

Growing vegetables indoors – With an increased interest in health and fitness, most people want to grow their own vegetables. However, most people lack the space needed for a large outdoor vegetable patch. Therefore, they are bringing their vegetables, herbs and edible greenery indoors.

Rethinking outdoor experiences – People are now using their outdoor spaces more, by including covered areas with grills, heating, lighting and comfortable seating. Outdoor seating has changed from the not so comfortable iron seating to comfortable low seating with cushions.