Upholstery Foam Solutions from Canada

Upholstery Foam SolutionsUpholstery Foam from Canada, like anywhere else in the world, is good quality. Canadians want to sit or sleep comfortably. Of course, the key to comfortable seating is finding the right upholstery cushions. How different foams respond to pressure is a critical factor that makes each one unique. Here, we take a look at some of the popular upholstery fillers and their various applications.

For outdoor uses, lux HQ is a popular choice. Its firmness and excellent quality make it sturdier and highly versatile. It is a high density foam, perfect not only for seating, but also kneeling pads and especially comfortable for gardeners.

Memory foam from Canada, commonly used in mattresses and ergonomic environments, reacts to your body heat and is often used as a topper. It softens and contours to your frame, while you sit, providing a few hours of comfort. Because it is a high density foam, you never feel that dramatic sinking feeling you experience in cheaper foams, and after you stand up, it gradually reacquires its shape.

Latex foam, often compared to memory foam, is another high density foam that retains its shape and usually found in high-end furniture cushions. One of the noticeable difference between latex and memory foam is the latex foam’s responsiveness. It requires less pressure and responds to weight rather than heat. Its resilience, which allows it to immediate recover its shape, means you will keep your cushions for years before they need to be replaced.

Bio: Carlo Badalamenti is the marketing manager for The Foam Factory, a family-owned and financed foam manufacturer located in Southeast Michigan.