Get Back to Nature in Barcelona’s Parks and Gardens

Get Back to Nature in Barcelona’s Parks and Gardens

Article by Mike Riccione

Unlike many other cities in Europe, Barcelona is home to lots of open spaces, parks and gardens. Not only are they great places to enjoy getting back to nature, many having historical and cultural significance. This is why they are always very popular with tourists and locals. Of course, everyone needs some time to get away from it all in the city, and in Barcelona’s parks and gardens you can do just that.

The first park that you should visit is the Parc de la Ciutadella. Dating from 1877, this is the oldest and biggest public park in the city. It is also the most popular and has lots of attractions that tourists just love to admire. As well as annual events and fairs, there are regular music concerts during the summer.

In Parc de la Ciutadella you will also find the Museum of Natural Science, where you will come across examples of countless species. However, for nature lovers, it is Barcelona Zoo that is the main attraction. Over one million people were admitted to the zoo, to see the new elephant enclosure, as well as gorillas, orang-utans and thousands of other species.

For scenery, there is no better place in all of Catalonia than Castell de l’Oreneta park. Set against the woodlands of Collserola Hill, it is open all year round from 10am until sunset. The park opened in 1978 and was built on two former country estates. Its name comes from the Oreneta Castle, which once stood where the park is today. Its ruins can still be seen to this day. This park is a favourite among kids, due to the fact there are playgrounds and pony rides on offer.

For most, no visit to Castell de L’Oreneta would be complete without taking a ride on the miniature steam train. Rides are usually open on weekends and take passengers through three tunnels and across two bridges and a viaduct.

Those that love horticulture will want to buy a ticket for Barcelona’s Botanical Gardens. Newly opened in 1999, it is set on Montjuic Mountain and is run by the city for the enjoyment of the people. This is why entrance prices remain so low, basically just recouping costs. Better still, entrance on Sunday is free from 3pm to 8am. In the gardens, you will be able to witness Mediterranean plants of all different varieties – some you never knew existed.

The most beautiful park in the city is undoubtedly the Labyrinth Park of Horta. Although it is beautiful, it is not a busy spot for tourists. Due to its size and the abundance of mature trees, there are lots of lovely spots where you can rest and relax.

The biggest attraction of the park has got to be the Labyrinth itself. It will take you around 20 minutes to get around but don’t miss the various statues depicting scenes from the Greek legend of the Labyrinth. In all, the theme of the garden and the labyrinth is love, so if you are with a loved one you just have to come here.

There are lots of parks and gardens in the city; some smaller than a football pitch. All have their own qualities and each deserve a portion of your attention. Depending on how much time you have and your tastes, some may catch your eye more than other. So, to find out more about all of Barcelona’s parks, visit Barcelona’s official parks and gardens website at

Despite being one of the busiest cities in Europe, Barcelona has numerous parks and gardens. These are particularly popular with tourists as a way of getting away from the bustle of the city. Some are large and have lots of attractions within them, while others are quaint and peaceful. Regardless of which you prefer, you are in for a great day at any of Barcelona’s parks. And the best thing of all? They offer a very inexpensive day out.

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