Aromatic Cedar Lawn Furniture- What You Should Know

Aromatic Cedar Lawn Furniture- What You Should Know

Article by Jesse Akre

Using Aromatic Red Cedar Lawn furniture is a great way to get a more natural and real look for your home and garden. The timber of red cedar gives you an aromatic fragrance and its gorgeous natural hues bring life to any outdoor space.

Among various Cedar varieties that we find, the most popular is the western red cedar. With its richly textured palpable grain, western red cedar excels in nature and elegance more than any man made material can. Besides being used for the purpose of furniture, because of the unique red color of its wood, western cedar has become a favorite and commonly used wood for construction industries.

Consumers are loving its aromatic fragrance, which gives you quite a sensuous feeling every time you enter into your garden or patio. And still others are going crazy for its amazing sanded finishes, elegant hardware that is plated with zinc, as well as completely routed edges.

Experts agree that western red cedar is considered one of the worlds best soft woods for outdoor furniture. This is mainly due to the fact that while Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant to decay and weather as well as world renowned for its outstanding physical properties, it is also a very much alive, glamorous wood with natural coloring in mellow ambers, reddish cinnamons and rich sienna browns.

In order to preserve the colorful tones of the newly sanded cedar, you can use any number of finishes on cedar furniture. The latest product for cedar that has received much popularity is wood sealers. These wood sealers contain UV inhibitors which ensures the protection of the fresh tones of the wood. Should you decide to use the wood sealers it is recommended to reapply yearly to keep the woods beautiful color. Or if you are looking a certain flair or color, it is possible to paint the western red cedar, but as discussed before it would need to be be reapplied yearly for best coverage. If the wood is not treated with paint or stain than it will naturally fade to a weathered silver grey.

You have a number of options with this naturally beautiful red cedar as manufacturers are producing everything from chaise lounges to adirondack chairs, benches, and so much more from this material.

Whatever your style or attitude western cedar is sure to create a stunning atmosphere in your home that will make all the neighbors green with envy.

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