Great garden for little money

Great garden for little money

Article by Nazima Woozeer

Do you dream of having a wonderful garden but every time you go to garden shop prices give you nightmares? Don’t worry anymore. Just pay attention to the following gardening tips experts from “Better Homes and Gardens” are recommending for you to bring out the best out of your garden without hurting your pocket in the attempt.

If you want to become an expert gardener or at least be close to become one, just stick to the following:

1. Find alternatives to garden shops. In a simple farmers / gardeners shop, products typically cost much less than in specialized garden shops.

2. Shop smart in small quantities. Although the fertilizers, or soil, are usually cheaper if bought them in large amounts rather than in small packages. The very large pots (15 kilos and over) are not a good option for perennials, since they normally do not develop at their fullest during the first year after being transplanted.

3. Avoid buying plants or heavy elements from a catalog. Many times the shipping cost may exceed the value of the product. So there is nothing better than comparing prices.

4. Choose plants native to the area where you live. These are usually much cheaper and definitely better adapted to the conditions of your garden.

5. Remember the mulch. This compound, which may be organic or not (wood chips, leaves, plastic, etc.), it retains moisture and also prevents you garden from getting ruined by the annoying weed. Using it will help you save the water and energy you spend on scratching the tedious unwanted grass.

6. If you have a friend with a truck you’ll be the lucky winner, even if you offer to fill the gas tank it will be more economical to transport plants to your garden from store than to pay for delivery services offered by garden shops.

7. Be polite to the employees of the garden shop, they know exactly what plants are best placed and best price of all, when you search for cheaper plants.

8. Do your shopping late in the season. Fall is a good time to do so as prices come down plants prices are between 50 and 75%. In addition, fall is the ideal time for planting.

9. Get plants from your neighbors. You can get help from your neighbors or friends by asking them to give you a bulb of some of their plants. If you like them, you can take advantage of that without having to spend on seeds.

10. Sow the plants by yourself. Garden shops usually charge quite expensive to plant your new additions to your garden.

11. Don’t forget to buy a good quality irrigation system. If you do not have time or you’re not disciplined enough to water your plants properly, opt for irrigation systems. They are efficient, easy to install and they water your plants properly, eventually you end up recovering the investment and save money.

12. Divide plants. According to experts, many perennials can be divided by the root and plant separately. Do not worry they will grow according to the plan.

13. Pay a close attention when you choose the tools. The most expensive are not always the most practical and in the end they will not make you better gardener.

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