Here is What You Will Need for Your Organic Gardening Supplies

Here is What You Will Need for Your Organic Gardening Supplies

Article by Tom Houser

You will need some basic organic gardening supplies you will need to help with the work. People are turning to organic vegetable gardening because it is good for the environment and it can save money on food bills.Organic gardening supplies can be found at your local garden center or home center. One of the most important aspects of the garden is the soil. The first thing you do before planting is add some compost. This will add nutrients to the soil.

If you do not want to buy the compost, you can create your own. However, you will need to do this long before it is planting season. Otherwise, you will need to purchase your first batch for the garden.

Another good source of nutrients for the soil is manure. Sheep manure is very popular amongst gardeners. Organic vegetable gardening is a lot of work but very rewarding.

Once the soil has been prepared, you are ready to plant the seeds. Read the seed packages to find out the exact planting instructions. You can also purchase young plants that have already started growing. Many greenhouses around specialize in young plants at the start of the growing season.

One of the biggest problems with organic vegetable gardening is the pests. Since you will not be using any pesticides, you must remove the insects by hand. Some garden centers may have organic pesticides available.

An excellent way to assist in the removal of pests is to use toads, ladybugs or praying mantises. These are unique ways to fight pests.

As you are probably aware, weeds are a major nuisance as well. One way to help combat weeds is to add organic mulch to the garden. This helps keep the weeds down and keeps the ground moist as well.

If you do not have the yard space for organic vegetable gardening, then you can certainly use planters or pots indoors or on a balcony. Pots can be used indoors all year long as well.

Organic gardening supplies also include your basic trowel, hoe, gloves, watering can and anything else you feel may help in your garden. Some people also like to use a stool to sit on so they are not always bending over.

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