Home Based Business for Women – Make More Than Your Husband!

Home Based Business for Women – Make More Than Your Husband!

Article by Chris Marsden

There are so many great reasons to start a home business and in this post we’re going to look at some of the best home based business for women so that you can get started on the right foot.

But first let’s look at some of those benefits:

* The first big one is the money, because a home based business can soon outshine a company salary.

* If you have a family you can juggle your business around them so you won’t have to let your kid be raised buy a nanny.

* You save money on getting to work and eating lunch everyday.

* You can work as hard or a little as you like and still make a great income.


1. Shopping service – now I’m not talking about groceries. The way this works is that you would be given a list of special dates by your clients and then you would make sure that you arrange all their birthday gifts for them. People love this because it saves so much time.

2. Party planner with a twist – now as you know the party planner space is full up and very difficult to get into. But why not start a business where you plan reunions? This is a great market because there are so many going on each week, and you can advertise cheaply on Facebook where most reunions are planned.

3. Article writer – if you don’t want to worry about running the business yourself you could work from home but still work for someone else as a writer. If you jump on a site like oDesk.com you can find all the website owners looking for people.

4. Plant care – now I’m not suggesting you become a gardener but specialize in box plants. People love the piece of mind in knowing that their garden is well looked after.

5. Ebay – there are so many people throwing things away each day that can be sold for a profit on ebay. Especially if you work on the items to get them back to their best. Keep you eyes open, there are freebies all over the place.

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