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Home & Garden Questions and Answers

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About my tumble dryer? It wont turn the belt hasnt snapped but its just a buzzing noise not nouns. Idid notice there be like bits of what looked like charcoal It’s adjectives psychological. The problems are in your head. Not aware of too oodles (or the need for) solenoids on a tumble drier, so buzzing not…About treating dg fleas? my dog was at vet last week i be told he has a lot of fleas how do i treat dog and upholstery, carpet.. etc Try going in a chemist or vet and asking for some spray called Nuval staykill.Also one called Nuval home i believe.One you spray on…About wallpaper,wallpaper smooth mixture? How do i get dry wallpaper paste rotten new wallpaper some bits dryed on and it is showin up like white gum as my wallpaper is black how do i remove it i tryed warm water and wash up liquid but it not come off any thinking ? If it didn’t…Accessorising my bedroom what colour should I travel? My walls are Mocha & Cream & my carpet is like “harvest” colour… I be going to go with Orange & Brown but this colour is sooo intricate to find… Im thinking *Curtains *Bedset *Ornaments *Lampshade… What colour do you think I should go?…Accidently feed herb! Will they be pleasant? I was growing a few herbs contained by the conservatory, mint, tyme etc. And my mum was watering the rest of the house plants with some house plant food contained by it. She by accident watered my herbs because she saw they needed some marine but I now don’t…Accidently pulled the vacuum cleaner cord too far out? past the red marker. Now when I press the button its doesnt walk unsteadily the lead back contained by :/ It was an accident because I be talking to someone when I pulled the cord out further. There is no panel for me to open and…Accidently used Baking Powder instead of Soda on my mat…? Will this totally **** it up!? Hahah >.< Rookie mistake, I know. I didn’t even realise I had made the mistake until I glanced at the packet when returning it to the shelf. I own hoovered it all up now, and the runner does LOOK lovely…Acer roots, how reflective and can it be moved? I have a 6 years old Acer-Japanese Maple which I would similar to to move How deep will the roots be it is 8 feet high-ceilinged The roots may be as deep as 6-8 feet, but it can be moved more effortlessly if it’s root pruned as…Acer shrub, it is possible to propogate a adjectives from this shrub? is so how is it done. it seems you can. “Propagation: Most Japanese maple cultivars are grafted on to special root stocks. They also can be propagated by rooting softwood cuttings contained by spring and summer. Japanese maple will grow from seeds, and…Adding a plug socket to a fuse box…? Okay, so I need to fit a plug socket in the cupboard where on earth my fuse box is in order to power my burglar alarm. I can locate the lower ring mcb and assume that the wire(s) coming from it are the live output going to the…Ademco alarm problem? I have an ademco security system (not sure which model) but I removed the cover inside our cupboard when we moved contained by (thinking it was for something else). Ever since (even though the cover has be placed back on) the tamper light have been red. How do I get this wispy to…Adolf requests to know what laundry detergent keep your black clothes from diminishing? any of the dark clothes detergents, such as woolite. they definitely are worthwhile. I just use my usual laundry detergent powder for everything – even woollens and delicates – Persil Automatic. But as said until that time, inside out (as I wash…Advantages of internal block work near Plaster finish? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having internal block work with plaster finish compared to stud work? Seems as if you hold a take-home exam. Plaster on Block will generally be quieter and more solid. It will also be more costly and difficult to change if needed….Advice for house near expensive LPG central heat? We have bought a house which uses bottles of LPG for central heat, and cooking. The 3-bedroom semi uses lb125 of LPG every 3 weeks! and has been not long serviced. There is no natural gas as it is a rural area What counsel can you…Advice for Toilet problems? I actually dont have a problem i purely find my query abit strange since i have told other nation and they say its not normal lol, i walk toilet for a poo about 4 times a day, and i own no anal problems, bowel problems, dis-colouration, disease or eat too much in-fact…Advice from fellow plumbers please? I qualified as a plumber nearly 2 years ago and have been installing tap, bathroom suites etc… Last night I got a call upon from a customer whose bathroom taps I replaced last December. I put within basin and bath tap that he’d bought from B & Q and they were…Advice from gardeners needed. Why are my modern plants wilting and the petals turning brown? Four days ago I put some plants in tubs in my garden. Geraniums etc. Typical summer garden plants. I’ve watered them every year, but they do not look as though they are thriving. Petals have started to wilt and turn…Advice needed in connection with Bathroom hit needed for My hip bath surrounded by bathroom? I wonder if any one can help me. I have a problem beside the taps on my bath & deliberate I need to replace the taps. The problem is that The tub has a mixer tap beside show attachment. The…Advice needed on voluminous mock cherry tree looking markedly sickly? My neighbours have a very huge mock cherry in their garden right on the boundary with our garden. About 3 years ago the previous owner smooth over the whole of their garden which is only tiny and erected a obstruction right against the tree. Since then…Advice on a hot hose down impeller pump? I have been using a Stuart Turner 3.0 Bar Monsoon Twin pump (with just the hot feed active and feed the whole house, as I have all the same to build the shower cubicle, at which time I will connect the cold) with no problems for two years…Advice on a small kitchen extension please…? I have a small kitchen that opens onto a lean-too and what be a outside WC. It is relatively solid – brick built and with a plastic roof. It also has plumbing and electricity. We would approaching to extend the kitchen out into it, changing the shape…Advice on drawing my living room.? Ive never done any painting and decorating previously what is the best way for me to go in the region of it.All i want is the ceiling painted white again new colour on the walls and the skirting boards re painted white. the hard work of painting is the…Advice on drawing on woodchip wallpaper? I want to paint on wood chip paper. I can’t repaper as the room is too big and the walls are uneven, so i enjoy decided to stick with the wood chip composition. I want the back wall as the feature wall and this will be painted a different colour….Advice on fitting internal doors? Space in the frame is 2060 x 730. What size door do I need? Only size within my local DIY is 1980, too small! Thanks, x thats a big un just do a google check out for door sizes and see if anyone near you stocks them. Doors come in…Advice on garden ponds please for a complete pupil.? hi there, we have moved into a house that have a very large pond contained by the garden (15ft wide 4and a half foot deep) we enjoy drained the pond which was absolutely filthy,cleaned it,installed brand unsullied pumps and filters etc which we know are…

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Accidently feed herb! Will they be pleasant?I was growing a few herbs contained by the conservatory, mint, tyme etc. And my mum was watering the rest of the house plants with some house plant food contained by it. She by accident watered my herbs because she saw they needed some marine but I now don’t…

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