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Home Garden

Article by Jacqueline Davis

With spring in the air, beautiful gardens are a touch of life. Just a few years of maintaining a garden bed, I will like to list a few tips for gardening. Garden, can be fun and very rewarding but it requires some special once in a while labor. Here are some tips for a beautiful garden.

1. Assemble all the necessary tools needed for the work (garden tools are listed at the end of this article).2. Experts suggest that you choose a location, in regards to sunlight, and the level of the surface (if necessary).3. Apply the plan of your garden, its edges, and design.4. Check the ground before you dig, some ground might need to be wet with water to make digging easy.5. Once the ground is ready, dig the ground to make your flower bed.6. After digging is complete, remove weeds, grass, roots, rocks, and dead plants (can be turned into compost).7. Loosen the soil to encourage air into the bed.8. Dig more soil around growing plants (when expending an older bed) 9. Put some fresh new top soil, fertilizer or manure onto the garden bed and till.10. Now, plant seeds and or roots into your new flower bed.11. And finally, water the bed.

After the plants have grown about a few inches above the bed, consider adding some mulch around the plants to keep moisture and nutrients in the soil for the plant to grow well.

If you live in a four season country, consider perennials that come back after every winter, beautiful perennials like day lilies, bulbs like tulips and daffodils are great. Make sure you follow the instructions on the package so you are sure to see the plants next spring.


Tools you may need for your garden are:

Gloves, yard cart or wheel barrow, water holes, shovel, metal rack, trowel, and hand cultivator.

You may need more or less tools, it all depends. Also consider consulting with your neighborhood lawn and garden center for tips and suggestions.

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