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Decorating any office, home or garden with handcrafted pieces from Ithaca Art speaks volumes to all who visit. Posh enough to catch any eye, our pieces let guests immediately know the owner appreciates classic artistic history with a glam, contemporary feel.

Imagine, for example, showcasing a bas-relief of Nike, the ancient Greek goddess of victory, in your home or office. It would serve as a reminder to all who enter to strive for personal or professional success. Just like all of Ithaca Art’s offerings, each piece is a hand-crafted replica made by skilled artisans. Our reproductions are authentic in look and feel, and never mass produced or manufactured. Each one, while based on a famous original, is a piece of artwork that can stand on its own.

The Italian company, still in business after 40 years, offers a beautiful catalogue with pieces ranging from Venetian Zodiac symbols to masks, sculptures, bas-reliefs and more based on Greek, Roman and other ancient art. Some are based on smiling suns while others depict the frightening image of Medusa or the whimsy of a Pegasus. Because the originals are illegal to own, reproductions make it possible for today’s generation to continue to enjoy classic art pieces throughout the ages.

Ithaca Art’s prices range from a few dollars to a couple of hundred dollars, making it possible for anyone to add a piece to their collection. Shop our online catalogue and place your order today on

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Ithaca Art is one the world’s leading sources of museum-quality Greek and Roman reproductions with branches in Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. Its artists are trained in art history and classic craftsmanship. Each piece of art is hand-crafted using the same ancient techniques and materials as the originals. Museum gift shops throughout Europe fill their shelves with the quality works of Ithaca. You will also find the Ithaca brand in the stores of Venice, Paris, Rome, London and online.

Ithaca uses the best materials to craft its artworks. Our terracotta is naturally extracted from Italian soil and colours created in our laboratories by strictly following the ancient techniques.All pieces are then fired at about 1000°. This process, which is continuously supervised by our team of artists, guarantees you the same lasting quality you find in ancient Greek and Roman masterpieces.Ithaca’s pieces are all weather proof and therefore perfect for decorating your outdoor spaces.

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