How to Give Your Front Yard Extra Appeal

Front Yard Extra AppealThe front yard is the first point of contact a potential buyer has with a property, and it’s where you’re likely to have the greatest chance for a wow factor when you try and sell your house in this seller’s market. The weather is also warm, and gardening supplies are on sale so it’s a good time to consider an upgrade. Here are some tips to help spruce up your front yard in time for new visitors and potential buyers.

Add Color

A bit of color will add a lot of personality to the entryway of most modern homes. If you’re unsure of where to add such color, you have two options for where to begin. The first is to get a medium sized pot to house a few plants outside your doorway, which looks particularly attractive on homes with a front porch. Your next option is to dig out some grass in front of your windows and plant rose bushes or colorful herbs.

Go Drought Resistant

Drought resistance is high on people’s minds, especially in places like Arizona and California. Doing some xeriscaping before you move can help cut down on the water bill and make your home a more attractive sell because its maintenance costs are low. Just make sure you plant with herbs and plants that will grow in your state.

Renovate the Door

Don’t overlook the importance of adding a wood front door, especially in dryer climates. Renovating the door makes your space look more inviting, especially if you add door accessories like hinges or a knocker.

Bio: Kuba Jewgieniew is the inspirational CEO of Realty ONE Group, and a data-driven sales professional.