How to Order a Custom Door

According to “Custom Nation,” many homeowners don’t want mass-produced doors or furnishings, but don’t know where to turn to bring a design or idea to life. Since the front door is often the first thing visitors notice about the home, the homeowner wants everything to be perfect. Wood, stain, colors, hardware, and accessories on the door or around the entry must reflect his or her taste. Engage a custom door maker whose work and projects appeal to you.

Custom door design

Ordering a custom door usually starts with the buyer’s design. The door may be simple or extremely detailed. If the designer has a preference of wood species, thickness, size, carvings, panels, or distressed quality, custom door businesses exist! Most use the designer’s picture or sketch to design a custom door. Alternatively, the designer can send photos of other doors he or she admires to the custom business. The custom door business can replicate the design or make adjustments as requested.

Imagination and the design process

It’s important to put as much information about the desired design into a sketch, including the precise measurements of where the door will be used. It’s an excellent idea to take photographs of the space where an existing door hangs or to send architectural plans of the home or building into which the door will fit. Visit the library to look at period homes if an imagined door will be used in a remodel project. Make copies of the doors that interest you and send them to the custom door designer.

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