The Phineas Upham House: An Important Historical Landmark

Phineas Upham
Phineas Upham House

The Phineas Upham House is a truly remarkable historical landmark.  It was built back in 1703 and today it is recognized by the National Register of Historic Places.  This landmark is located at 255 Upham Street in Melrose, Massachusetts.  The reason that this is such a special landmark is that it’s representative of the first American homes.  The Phineas Upham House is a preserved piece of American history.

When European immigrants came to the new territory and established the American colonies, the Phineas Upham House was among those earliest homes.  We can learn a lot about our early ancestors and the first American settlers from the design and style of their homes.  Most of the homes back then, including the Phineas Upham House, were very simple and traditional in nature which is reflective of the conservative and traditional culture at the time.

The Phineas Upham House is what is known as “Saltbox style.”  Saltbox style homes were some of the most popular homes of that time.  Saltbox style homes were given their name due to the similar shape they share with saltbox ornaments.  Saltbox style homes are known for their unique structure and architecture.  They have a long roof that slopes to the back and are asymmetrically shaped.  This style has a frame made of timber and instead of nails, it’s usually connected by wooden pegs.  These homes were characteristically equipped with shingles and simple windows.

Today, the Phineas Upham House is open to the public for tours and visits.  However, it’s necessary to set up an appointment first.  The house is owned and maintained by the Upham Family Society.  The Upham Family Society is made up of a group of John Upham’s descendants.  John Upham was the great grandfather of the man that built the house.

If you’re interested in learning about life in the American colonies, the Phineas Upham House is a wonderful time capsule.  It’s been preserved in a way that makes visitors feel like they’ve gone back in time.  Visiting the property allows guests the opportunity to feel like they’re one of the early American settlers.



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