How to work from home

How to work from home

Article by Alicia Washington

have found a variety of legitimate jobs that you can work from home online that I wanted to share with everyone. If you are in need of some extra income and have some time to spare there are a few interesting jobs that you can work from home right from your own computer.

Some of the jobs include getting paid to test websites. If you already visit several websites online, to browse, shop, get information, or whatever the case may be, you can earn to review a website. There is another website that pay Internet users to answer questions and you can earn – per answer for doing this job. You have probably seen cars filled with advertisements or banners and wondered, how you could do it or if that is a legitimate job that really exists? I am here to tell you that it really does exist and I have included the website and link for you to apply, if you are interested. The pay for this ranges from 0 up to 0 per month. There are also a few freelance writing jobs listed here as well. If you know of someone who is looking for legitimate work from home, please feel free to forward this information along.


A legitimate data entry job that you can do right from home that pays their employees 0 per week for part-time work and 0 per week for full-time work. You can read more details and apply online.

First Beat Media

Another legitimate data entry job that is looking for data entry specialists to work online and this job pays 0-0 per month.


A government contractor that needs data entry specialists to perform on-line data entry as well as reviews. This is a paying legitimate job that you can do from home online although the website does not specify exactly how much they pay. This may be agreed upon during hiring.

Article Content Provider

They pay per article and 0 per month for blog writers. This job will keep you busy.

Writers Network

This company is looking for freelance writers to publish Home and Garden articles, and other topics that include travel, parenting, finance, and more. They pay – per article.

Content Current

This website is in need of freelance writers to submit articles online and they pay per word. The approval process is a little longer than some but the pay is good!

Dollar Stretcher

Online website that is in need of freelance writers to submit articles on saving money and living frugal. They pay .10 per word! Average articles range from 500-700 words and up.

Writer Access

They are in need of freelance writers to submit content for them online on their website. They pay range varies depending on a scale basis. They also pay an additional bonus.

Know More

They pay writers for their content based on a fixed pay rate as well as traffic comission. Most writers earn between 0-0 per month.

Answer Gem

They will pay you – for each question answered and accepted.

Seeking Alpha

Contribute articles for them online and you will get paid per article per 1,000 page views. They also have other work from home jobs that you can check out, if interested.

For over 100 additional, legitimate jobs that you can do from home go to

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