How You Can Compost in Your Backyard

Summary: Composting is the process of repurposing yard waste and scraps from your food by combining them with soil. Here are some tips for composting in your own backyard. 

Composting, the process of combining leftover food and yard trimmings to create a nutrient-rich mixture, is fairly simple to create at home. Tossing such things as dead leaves, grass, orange peels, egg shells, water, and coffee grounds into a bin and leaving it in your backyard may seem silly, but these ingredients, over time, will create an organic material that can be used for planting. Here are some steps you can follow to start composting in your backyard today. 

Get the Right Tools

Before you even start composting, you will first need to find a designated area for the compost. If you choose to compost outside, look for a dry and shady area that is close to a water source. Composting indoors is possible, but you will need to purchase a more specialized bin with a lid.

To handle the actual waste you should get a small shovel, a pitchfork, scissors, gardening gloves, and a water hose. The smaller tools will make it easier to work inside the bin.

Getting the Ingredients Ready 

As a general rule of thumb, you will be working with an even amount of two types of ingredients when composting: green and brown. Green ingredients are those that are nitrogen-rich, such as grass clippings, green leaves, fruits, and vegetables. Brown ingredients are those that are nitrogen-poor, such as twigs and dry leaves. Other ingredients that may be used in moderation to create compost include egg shells, paper towels, and paper bags. Lastly, your compost could benefit from some starter soil.

Once you have the ingredients, chop or break them up into smaller chunks. When they are ready a bit of the green and brown ingredients inside the bin. Sprinkle some of the miscellaneous ingredients in, add water, and mix the compost well. Feel free to put some of the starter soil in between compost layers. The actual composting process can take up to two years but repeat this process by slowly adding to the bin, check often, and most importantly, be patient.

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