Indoor Gardening Reaches New Heights With The Advent Of the LED Grow Light

Indoor Gardening Reaches New Heights With The Advent Of the LED Grow Light

Article by Wayne Hemrick

Indoor gardeners have long relied on the HID light as a primary form of bright light suitable for use in growing plants in an indoor setting that requires additional light for plants to thrive. While HID grow lights remain popular, there is a new breed of grow lights that are sweeping the indoor gardening scene, and they are the LED grow light. LED grow lights bring several benefits to the indoor gardener, while producing bright light that mimics natural sunlight.

The LED grow light is a very lightweight gardening light source, but do not let its low weight fool you. Strong and durable, the LED grow light is very easy to hang from the ceiling, which is an important consideration for their use in a greenhouse or indoor gardening setting.

LED grow lights produce light without heat. This is very helpful in an indoor growing situation, because if you have several traditional grow lights in place, they produce a tremendous amount of heat, which has to be sent outdoors with a fan and duct system, an added expense.

Perhaps the best advantage that comes from using LED grow lights is that they produce strong and bright light at a fraction of the electrical cost of traditional growing lamps. Grow lights need to be turned on for fourteen to sixteen hours per day, and so it is apparent how the electricity bill can be helped when the lights use so little power to run.

A popular new grow light is the LED UFO. The UFO grow light has been favorably mentioned in LED grow light reviews, and for good reason. The LED UFO, it has been noted in LED grow light reviews, helps you save money on equipment costs, because it requires no ballast be used with these lights to control electrical current. The ufo grow light has also been designed to utilize only the light color spectrums that your plants will actually use, unlike other grow lamps that produce, among others, a green color spectrum, which is unusable by plants but for which you will be paying money for electricity to run. LED grow light reviews note that these lights function at top caliber regardless of whether they are used in homes or greenhouses, and with soil gardening or hydroponic gardening.

You can find out more about the LED UFO light, and other types of LED lights appropriate for use in indoor gardening applications and lighting systems for the greenhouse or home, by visiting an online discount gardening supplier’s site.

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