Protect Your Home Against Airborne Pollutants And Allergens

A furnace filter is your best tool to sanitize the air inside your home. Through this, you can avoid certain risks caused by airborne pollutants and allergens such as respiratory disorders. An electrostatic furnace filter is a great option to add in your home to clean the air by up to 98%.

For areas with a cold weather, it is more likely that a household’s monthly expenditure go towards their furnace. With a clean furnace filter, one may be able to reduce their home energy bills by up to 10% which is why it is important to keep your furnace filter clean to avoid extra energy consumption as well as equipment breakdown. Cleaning your furnace filter should be done at least once a month, most especially during the winter season. To clean your filter, simply turn it off and open the service panel, pull out the filter and look through it. In general, a filter looks like a sponge, if you cannot see through it then it’s time to clean or replace it. Even if it still looks clean, you might as well clean it to save you the trouble of checking on it again in a week or so. Some filters are disposable, replace these at least every month.

Article submitted by Your Filter Connection. Your Filter Connection is a company that offers various type of high quality Filtrete air filters and other brands used for homes and offices to clean and sanitize indoor air.