Protecting Yourself from Home Construction Liabilities

Summary: Construction on a home requires permits and caution, the same as any other project.

It’s important for home construction projects to be carried out up to code, or else you risk problems later on down the line. The contractor can be found liable if materials are not up to standard, or if there are injuries caused by the work that was performed, so construction claims consultants take great care in documenting every part of the process. If you plan to perform construction on a home, make sure that you have accounted for every part of the process in order to protect yourself from potential risks.


One of the easiest methods to get caught off guard is with the materials used. If the customer does not specify exactly what he or she wants, and there is no deal reached on supplier, there is a lot of room for error. Make sure that you have secured a supplier, gotten an approximate price for the materials, and that you order well in advance. If the customer already has materials, note that in your estimates and be sure that you handle everything with care as you work.


Everything in your project should be up to code, so be sure that you have presented your design to the city and received the relevant permits before you begin work on the new project. Code can be an issue when the customer attempts to sell the property later, so verifying your work is up to code helps the customer later on down the road as well.

Final Thought

Construction claim preparation requires parties to gather all of the paperwork involved in the project. If you don’t want to be found liable for something preventable, excellent record keeping is your greatest asset.


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