Starting a Vegetable Garden – The Lazy Man’s Way

Starting a Vegetable Garden – The Lazy Man’s Way

Article by Rob Ethrington

Starting a vegetable garden is laborious. Indeed, you need to put in a tremendous amount of effort and attention. On cooler months you have to allow your garden beds to rest, thus no harvest to bring home.

Also, conventional vegetable garden method requires you to correct imbalanced soils.

According to a gardening book I read a while ago, applying inorganic fertilizers as well as planting green manure crops is necessary in order to improve soils imbalance.

And then there’s the weeding, pesticides application, minimizing the effects of mineral depletion by performing crop rotation, and many other physical and mind numbing chores.

Yes…starting a vegetable garden and maintaining it is a real CHORE…

Now wait a minute…Noticed I use the phrase “conventional vegetable garden method”? Okay look, if you’re interested in doing all the things I just mentioned, then the conventional way of doing vegetable gardening is right up your alley.

However, if you’re somewhat lazy like I am, yet still keen on growing an enormous amount of vegetables – specifically organic vegetables – then I have just the thing for you!

See, the official term for this remarkable gardening method is ecological micro-ecosystem gardening. But I call it starting a vegetable garden the lazy man’s way!

Indeed, the ecological gardening method is the lazy man’s way of growing fresh and healthy organic vegetables. This is due to the fact that it requires virtually no maintenance.

An ecological garden is able to self-maintain and also produce lots of organic food on a regular basis.

The planting system of an ecological garden is unique in that it keeps weeds from growing in your garden and prevents pests from damaging your crops – naturally!

You what this means right? Yes, no more digging annoying weeds and spraying potentially harmful pesticides.

Crop rotation is also unnecessary because the mixed-up nature of an ecological garden planting scheme neutralizes the effects of mineral depletion. The cardinal rules of starting an ecological vegetable garden:

You need to plant several different edible plants within a given space or area. The plants have to be compactly planted by the way.

Bare patches are applied with a layer of compost which you can make from organic waste you produce daily. Make sure you establish a quality composting system for this purpose.

Once everything is set up, you only need to spend a few hours a year maintaining it. It’s practically the perfect lazy man’s gardening method.

Look, starting a vegetable garden can be extremely easy if you implement the ecological gardening planting system. Setting it up is also very simple and fully demonstrated in a series of step-by-step video tutorials and complete project plan guide which you can print out. Go to for download details.

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