Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – global warming

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – global warming

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Global warming has news on our planet today. The technological development has brought a lot of cars, more people and create many of the companies in the food production plants that produce greenhouse gases. The presence of a vehicle is the main cause of global warming on Earth, and what we call the global warming. Global warming is the result of burning forms of fuel, oil and other gases. This is very useful for us to save the earth. The purpose of this paper is to present proposals to counter the effects of global warming. The owners have a key role in this campaign. We must learn to reduce, reuse and recycling. House junk and debris should the company, transport of waste and scrap charged to a separate reeds that are biodegradable and not biodegradable are collected. We can vote on an electronic waste disposal, and conduct business. For example, if a personDistrict of Columbia and Virginia, you can for the disposal and transport of Virginia and waste management and transport of the CC search. As already mentioned, the first step, we can only reduce, reuse and recycling. We promote the use of paper bags instead of plastic. Even better, if we go to the supermarket, we have our own basket or container. This reduces the waste that we bring into the house. If possible, avoid buying disposable productsbecause it can easily be filled tanks. Containers are one of the main causes for the loss even further. We can also, catalogs, magazines and documents, as well as plastic and glass recycling. This will give us more money, and that’s a good way to help the environment. Plant a tree in our garden, it really helps. We all know that fresh air comes from plants and trees. We have a symbiotic relationship. Trees give us oxygen andInstead, they take carbon dioxide we emit. Planting trees is one of many programs to rescue the global warming effects. By comparing the temperature of the urban and rural areas, you will find that the temperature is very high in the cities. This is utter in the presence of vehicles and factories, the carbon dioxide. We need to save energy and water. We can not simply close to home, the tap when not in use.If you wash your teeth, wash immediately with a glass of water and energy. In addition, bathroom, turn off the shower when not in use as the use of shampoo or soap in the body. These two types of protected areas to reduce water bill and help the environment. We can energy be saved by turning off the lights, which are not indispensable. Instead of driving a short distance, hardly walk or bicycle. Walking is the best wayphysical activity. This allows us to lead a healthy lifestyle, and was rescued when the price of gasoline is now expensive. If you shorten the travel time, which would also reduce the carbon we emit into our environment. Is the biggest polluter vehicles and smoke from the factory. We can also save on energy costs by turning off the lights, especially at night or when you need it. Air conditioning and heating should be rotated during theto leave our home. So, use compact fluorescent lamps, because they are cheaper when it comes to energy consumption. We all know that if we fail to protect the environment, will soon be a place to live. Save the Earth, follow the rules.Visit : feders air conditioning

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