Make Money on eBay – Start Thinking Like a Business Owner

Make Money on eBay – Start Thinking Like a Business Owner

Article by Bob Hamilton

One of the challenges that home based business owners face is associated with the transition that they need to make. That transition is from being at home and handling personal tasks to being a business owner who needs to focus on their business. However to make money on eBay requires that the transition be made.

It is a challenge to move from spending time chatting on the telephone with friends and family, working in the garden, or doing house cleaning. While each and every one of these needs to happen at some time, it is important as a business owner to put off the personal tasks and focus all of your energy on successfully running your business to ensure that you make money on eBay.

There are many helpful tricks that may be of use. One of the best is to always set a designated eBay time on your schedule. Try scheduling time specifically to handle eBay related business tasks. It might be a designated 15-30 minutes that are dedicated to answer prospective buyer questions each morning. It might be two hours that are dedicated to creating and posting new listings. It might also be a block of two hours that just says eBay. You can then determine the right things to perform during that time when it arrives. Just remember, this is an eBay business and the work must get done or you won’t make money on eBay.

Face the challenge of being a business owner and operator by scheduling time specifically to work on your eBay business. Whether you schedule specific tasks or just blocks of time, remember to schedule the time. Don’t allow distractions to pull you away from your eBay business. Stay focused on your business. Soon you will be on goal to make money on eBay. Give it a try.

To Your eBay Success!

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To read my free e-report “Dropship Facts” check outwww.onlineauctionsmadesimple.netBob Hamilton is an entrepreneur, writer and consultant. Bob sold his brick and mortor store to sell on eBay and has been helping others to get started on eBay ever since.

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