Seattle Turn to Satellite TV for Decorating Tips

Seattle Turn to Satellite TV for Decorating Tips

Article by Jon Jacobson

The home is an important part to forming identity and plays an essential role in raising a family. Anthropological studies have shown that while there is great variation across cultures, people all over the world strive to improve their home environments. When you’re feeling uninspired but know that you want to change something in your Seattle home, trying tuning in to the Home & Garden channel on satellite TV for fresh ideas. Forming part of Scripps Networks Interactive, programming was first developed for the Home, Lawn and Garden Channel in the early 1990s. The official launch date was towards the end of 1994, right around the time that many cable channels were first getting off the ground. From the get-go, the shows have encouraged viewers to ‘Start at Home,’ according to the network’s slogan. From makeovers and landscaping projects to decorating tips and practical advice for homeowners, the channel has offered a wealth of information for over a decade and a half. While the viewing audience was originally limited, this channel now reaches around 94 million viewers. Some are attracted by the makeovers, which seem to magically transform a house by giving it a fresh new look. But the shows will not just wow you with results. Instead, they let you go behind the change and learn tips that you can apply to your own living environment. Owners have to be good sports, given that criticism of the current property can be brutal. Many people have lived in neighborhoods with an eyesore or two on the block. These run-down homes tend to lower the property value for everyone. One satellite TV show tackles this problem head-on by implementing comprehensive exterior makeovers. Appropriately called ‘Curb Appeal,’ the program takes viewers into city neighborhoods to fix up the eyesore on a block. In some episodes, the designers even offer other houses the chance to participate by re-painting front doors, mailboxes, or by doing other small tasks that can make a big difference in terms of aesthetic appeal. In addition to offering comprehensive makeovers, there are shows chock-full of useful design tips for every Seattle household. From ‘Design on a Dime’ and ‘Design Star’ to ‘Divine Design’ and ‘Rip & Renew,’ there are plenty of programs that can give you ideas about how to fix up your property. Painting secrets are revealed along with tips about how to hang up pictures without problems, which saves you from paying a professional for help. When you have satellite TV, you can always flip on the tube to discover creative ways that will help make your house better reflect your personality and preferences. Another group of shows on the Home & Garden channel are focused on the housing market, which is perfect for anyone who invests in houses or is thinking about moving. Programs like ‘Designed to Sell’ show viewers how houses can be quickly transformed in order to increase their value on the market. ‘House Hunters’ offers another perspective by giving satellite TV viewers the chance to watch people pick out a new home. If watching with a friend, you might even make guesses about which house you think they’ll pick.

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