Selling Your Home Quickly – From A Property Buyers Australia Perspective

Selling Your Home Quickly – From A Property Buyers Australia Perspective

Article by Garry Macdonald

When you decide to sell your property, whether it’s an investment or your principal place of residence you want to sell it as quickly as possible AND we thought a Property Buyers Australia perspective might help. In fact, statistics tell us the longer your property is on the market, the less chance is has to sell – particularly for the price you want.

It’s important that you understand that all sellers are biased and emotionally (and financially) attached to their property. If you are a seller, you need to acknowledge this fact, particularly in a buyers market such as we’re experiencing in Australia right now.

At Property Buyers Australia we know that buyers are generally nowhere near as emotionally attached to your property – although most buyers do experience some level of emotion, particularly when they are purchasing a home in which to live.

The job of a Real Estate Sales Agent (amongst other things), is to generate as much emotion in and competition between buyers. On the other side, we at Property Buyers Australia literally ‘step into the shoes’ of the property buyer – this ensures all buyer emotion is removed from the transaction.

So if you want to give yourself the very best opportunity to sell your property as quickly as possible, what do you need to do? Here is a list of some of the more important issues to consider:• engage the services of a good, honest Sales Agent (yes they do exist) – attempting to sell your own home will usually cost you money simply because your are emotionally attached to it. Whenever emotion is involved, it clouds your decision-making• ensure the Sales Agent arranges for professional photos to be taken of your home – your are selling an expensive asset and you need to present it as professionally as possible • take an active roll in the marketing of your property – a good Sales Agent should be able to provide sound advice here, however from my experience, many Sales Agents do not have a good grasp of marketing AND most advertisements look the same – you need something that sets your property apart from the rest• gain an understanding of your market – who is likely to buy your property? This will determine how and where you market• ensure the front of your property looks fabulous – time spent in this area is definitely time well spent. ‘Street appeal’ gets potential buyers ‘in the door’. You only have one chance to make a good first impression• if your bathroom and/or kitchen are looking a little tired, spend some time and money updating them. Together with the front of your property, kitchens and bathrooms are the number one places people fall in live with• if your home needs a coat of paint, give it one – it’s amazing what a difference a new coat of paint makes• take the time to ‘clear the clutter’ – potential buyers don’t like clutter AND an uncluttered home gives the impression of size• remove weeds from the garden and ensure your lawns are mowed with the edges done• hire a pressure spray and go over your driveway, paths, paving, etc – this really brightens up the entire property• if you’re a smoker, don’t smoke inside the house (in fact don’t smoke at all – it’s not good for your health) – the smell hangs around and you cannot disguise it• have your carpets professionally cleaned – it doesn’t cost much and makes a huge difference• remove any picture that could be considered inappropriate – you should not remove all pictures as you want your house to look homely. Pictures of the family are appropriate BUT do not have too many pictures• at Property Buyers Australia we always suggest you have a professional building & pest report carried out prior to placing your home on the market – these should be on display for potential buyers to read• do NOT remain in your home while inspections are being conducted by your Sales Agent – buyers will attempt to uncover certain things and you might say something that harms the sale of your propertyWell, there you have it, from Property Buyers Australia perspective a rather comprehensive list of issues to address. While the list might appear long, it should not take that long OR be very costly to complete. Be assured – it is certainly worth doing because the reward could be an early sale and/or increased price for your property.

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