Simple Work at Home Ideas

Simple Work at Home Ideas

Article by Aidan James

There are many small businesses that can be run at or from your home such as accountancy or public relations but there are many folk who are rather limited to the home or ned to stay very close to it, such as mothers of young children, who need simple business ideas which do not require start-up capital or educational qualifications and which can be carried out mainly at home.

Business ideas like gardening are obviously of no interest to these folk as the majority of the work is outside the home. Unfortunately most if not all the work at home lists we come across seem to overlook these people and trot out the same old material on home based business. There is a huge difference between ‘work at home’ (WAH) and ‘home based business’ (HBB)!

For those WHAMs and WHADs (work at home moms and dads!) there is a great list of WAH business ideas at aimed at helping the true work at home types looking for ideas to either make a little extra cash or choose a complete lifestyle and healthy income. Lets take a look at just a small few of those ideas here:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers sell products in return for a commission or per lead payment. This is arguably easiest when the product or service is sold from a website though it does not always have to be that way – programs like the hugely popular Avon one for example are really affiliate programs. There are many who make a great living from affiliate marketing and there are some who make millions. This is also a great way to make a little extra if thats all you want. If you are looking to get into it I can genuinely recommend The Wealthy Affiliate, an online training resource I belong to myself. It condenses a whole heap of learning curve into a few weeks and gives excellent support and tools, it even has tools to make website building foolproof.


There is plenty of money to be made in this field. If you have an eye for antiques then just trading in them can be very profitable however if you can also do some basic restoration work you can really gain here. We’ve seen some huge profits made on collectibles that have had a just a little touching up. Antique collectors like many niche interests also tend to show less seasonal or recession time slowdown.

Arts and Crafts

If you have hobbies like woodwork, leather work, making jewelry and the like you might find a ready market for your creations at local weekend markets and fairs. You might also be able to sell to specialty stores. Not able to get out on the weekend either? – Sell your wares on eBay.

Assembly and Installation Service

I got this idea from a neighbor – if you have a knack for installing home theater systems or sound systems and are able to get around your own neighborhood then offer your assembly services. How about assembling all those flat-packed furnishings delivered from furniture stores? This is an area just begging for neighbourhood services. You can maybe even get the stores to advertise your service for your area if you live near a mall.

Notice these ideas are just a few of the many honest home businesses – Read on below for many more.

Simple and Honest Work at Home Ideas

Learn about Affiliate Marketing the Easy Way see more at Affiliate Marketing

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Simple and Honest Work at Home Ideas Learn about Affiliate Marketing the Easy Way see more at Affiliate Marketing

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