Steps to Building a New Garden

It’s one thing to wish for a garden that you can find between the covers of gardening magazines and another to translate your vision into a reality.


So, keeping this in mind, here is a list of steps that will help you build the right garden for your home:


#1: Pick a layout


If you want to build a vegetable garden, then you have to make sure that you can pick a small spot where you get sunshine while in the case of certain flower gardens, you will have to opt for a shadier spot. Also, think about how and when the sun hits your garden site along with other factors such as foot traffic and dry winds.


#2: Soil testing and preparing the bed


Now that you know where you want your garden, it’s time to test the soil for its pH for the reason that there’s a range within which plants will be able to absorb nutrients from the soil. The next step would be to clear the soil of any weeds or grass before planting seeds. Using a sharp flat-edged spade would be the best way to remove the sod.


#3: Picking Plants


Picking plants isn’t as easy as you think. If you are starting a small vegetable patch, then it’s a good idea to stick with only a few plants in the beginning. As for flower gardens, stick only to colors that you like. Also make sure that the plants picked all have the same growing requirements.


#4: Planting them and using Mulch


When planting them, ensure that you water them as well while not pressing them down too hard in the act of planting them. Ensure that you bury the plant to the depth that it was in the pot you bought it from. Mulching makes a big difference to the garden by not only conserving water but also blocking weeds and cooling the soil.

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