The Advantages of Choosing to Mediate Over Litigation

The-Advantages-of-Choosing-to-Mediate-Over-LitigationWhile there are rather obvious reasons why construction mediation is preferred over litigation, there are other advantages that this technique brings to both parties that are not as glorified as the amount of money saved. Here are some reasons why mediation is preferred over alternative dispute resolutions.

Mediation is a Quick Solution

Mediation is a faster process than litigation for many reasons. One of them is that because litigation cases take several months or even longer to get to trial, it can lead to an extended period of time which affects the construction project. Speaking of time constraints, time is money when it comes to construction delay claims. Mediation can resolve the claim within a week – if time permits. Projects won’t have to deal with the time loss on a project along with the finances as well.

Mediation Allows For Both Parties to Work Together

Mediation grants both parties the opportunity to work together to resolve the claim that was set forth. It also promotes them to reach a settlement in a constructive way, allowing both arguments to be heard. The mediator finds a common ground between both parties to find a solution. When it comes to civil litigation, the case is somewhat taken out of their hands and given to the attorneys handling the case. Most of the time, the relationship between both parties immediately comes to an end when litigation is reached.

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