Furnace Heaters: Proper Filtration

As the year passes, the changes in seasons require different needs from the working environment. As summer leaves and winter approaches, we switch from air conditioning to heating as a source of comfort for ourselves and our workforce. And while we may consider proper air filtration a necessity for air conditioning, heater filters are also required to create a safe and healthy work environment when this switch occurs. The same level of maintenance applies in winter as well as summer.

Every individual can recall the scent that emanates from a heater when it is activated for the first time during the year. The slight smell of burning paper can permeate an entire building as the heater is finally tuned on. This is due to dust and other particles that have been building up throughout the many months when a heater wasn’t a necessary device to provide comfort. And yet, the simple replacement from old to new and clean 3M furnace filters can solve that problem, and the possible allergens that can come along with it. As we may get that initial smell of the furnace from months of buildup, we may have the idea that the problem has been solved. Truth is, however, that though this first activation may be more noticeable, we can sometimes fail to recognize that dust and other particulates will continue to be burned and consumed by a furnace throughout the months it’s being used, which also has the undesired effect of contaminating our breathing air. Many laws have been set in place to provide a healthy workplace for our employees and by neglecting to have clean and proper filters in place, we put our work force at risk by allowing these combustible contaminants to circulate throughout the working environment. Truth is, it is your responsibility as an employer to provide a safe and healthy place to work in. By the simple action of replacing filters, we go a great distance towards this desired result.

While we may have become comfortable and at ease with climate control at the push of a button, the truth is that maintenance is something that we need to remain aware of. The level of automation may make our lives easier. But a regular servicing of these devices is essential. The safety of your workforce, and possibly yourself, depends upon it. For the health of all involved, it is essential that we do our part.


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