The Advantages Of Using A Trade Show Exhibit At A Non-Industry Convention

The Advantages Of Using A Trade Show Exhibit At A Non-Industry Convention

Article by Chris Harmen

Virtually all companies spend time thinking about what conventions they will attend and how they will present at each of them. They will usually start with a long list of potential destinations, and then gradually narrow that list down until it fits their needs and their budget. While this targeted approach does have its advantages, it rules out a potentially valuable opportunity: non-industry gatherings where your trade show display can stand out and you can connect with potential clients on a new level.

Benefits Of Taking Your Trade Show Booth Outside Your Industry

If you think back to expos you’ve visited in the past, there are always a few outlier stands that don’t quite seem to fit. If you’re like most of the population, you’re more likely to remember them than you are to remember the details of all but the most impressive units that were targeted to fit the convention’s theme. Your trade show exhibit can have this same effect when you choose to showcase outside the common venues for your industry.

Target Your Local Clients With A Trade Show Display

One of the strongest arguments for presenting at a non-standard expo is the unprecedented connection with local residents. Businesses with a strong local following often find it very valuable to cultivate their clients at local bridal showcases or home and garden expos, even if the field is completely unrelated to what you are offering.

In addition, because you’re focusing your trade show exhibit marketing nearby, you will save substantially on travel costs. While most companies will need to ship their units around the country and pay for their staff to stay at hotels, nearby venues require that you pay the event fees only. You don’t have to spend for travel, allowing you to present at more places and reap more rewards per dollar spent.

Consider Sponsorship For Increased Local Attention

After successful presentations at local venues, you might want to consider moving from a trade show booth to a sponsorship position. While sponsorship can be a bit more expensive than simply showcasing, there are usually more benefits. For example, you might receive preferential placement of your trade show exhibit and further promotion for your company in the literature surrounding the event.

You will certainly be recognized in the community as someone who contributes to a valuable local event. Bridal shows and home/garden expos are often well regarded by the people who attend, and by getting your name attached to it, you can benefit from that regard as well. Be sure to determine what exactly you’ll get as a sponsor, and to work out all costs before you agree to anything.

Whether you choose to sponsor a neighborhood event or to simply present a trade show display at a nearby convention, you’ll be able to connect with valuable new customers while saving on your travel costs. Because of the low investment required, companies are able to start small with just one or two local events. If they don’t yield rewards, you’ve only invested a little bit of time and money. However, if they are as valuable for you as they are for many other companies worldwide, this new use for a trade show booth could provide a strong new marketing option.

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