The Typical Changes People Make To Improve Their Home

The Typical Changes People Make To Improve Their Home

Article by Jamie Lyons

How many articles are there out there on how to improve your home? The answer is a lot. What follows is a quick article that pretty much sums all of them up. There are many variations on how to do up your home but they all basically follow the same theme:

Exterior improvements tend to be the most expensive and cover garden improvements and extensions. So what is our advice?


This can be as big a project as you want it to be. You can simply cut the grass, turn the flower bed over and voila your garden will look better. When reading a how to improve your garden article you will probably be advised to re turf your lawn, pave an area of your garden and add a table and chairs, build a gazebo and maybe even add a water feature. This is really nice if all you want your garden for is to look at it from inside as you are too scared to set foot in it just in case you mess it up. In reality more people especially with families will do best if they stick to keeping it trim and tidy.


This is a really big deal and is extremely expensive. Any article recommending this as an action will no don’t be recommending that you get the architects in and start thinking about building on top of the garage maybe, filing for planning permission and knocking walls down. A much simpler option would be if you just put up a conservatory. Conservatories add value to your home and due to the immense competition out there you can pick up a real bargain.

Interior improvements are where it gets really interesting and where most articles differ in opinion. It seems though that there is an under running theme on what most of them suggest so instead of listing them all below we have handpicked a selection that we found popped up on a lot of them:

Feature Walls

This sounds really funny but there were not many articles when discussing interiors that didn’t recommend a feature wall and is why we have included it at the top of our interior list. In short a feature wall is one particular wall in any given room that you give extra special attention to. This can take the form of painting it a different colour to the rest of the walls, putting wallpaper on it or hanging some art on it. The reason for a feature wall is to draw the attention of the person entering the room and hopefully getting the wow response.

Warm Colours

Not as popular as the feature wall but painting your house in warm colours can apparently help in all sorts of ways. Warm colours apparently relax you more and make people feel more comfortable. That and pastel colours seem to be the order of the day.

Plant Life

This will not be a surprise to anybody but plants appeared an awful lot when we did our research. Plants give that personal touch whilst absorbing CO2 and giving out oxygen so we can all breath better. As with the warm colours plants also promote relaxation and should be included in any home improvement program.

There were lots more interior suggestions but none that really stood out enough for us to include in this article. Whatever the case if you follow the above six steps then you should have a home that says you care about it and that others want to have.

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