Tips for a successful flower garden

A flower garden can really brighten your day as it will give color and texture to your outdoor space. Here are some tips on how to create a flower garden.

Choose your flower garden design style – Different design styles will lend themselves to different plants. For example, if you are looking at a contemporary landscape you may have to invest in structured flower bed shapes. On the other hand, a cottage style garden will let you mix and match pots and plants.

Determine the garden’s shape and size – Look at where you can plant your flowers and how you can access them. Look at if your design obstructs your walkway and check how your flower bed will look from every view point. It is a good idea not to start too large. Instead, increase your garden size as you gain experience.

Select flowers – Look at focal points, flower sizes, bloom time, and color before you select your plant combinations.

Supply a focal point – However small or big your garden is; you will need a focal point in your garden.

Evaluate plant height – Look at placing or planting taller plants at the back and larger plants in the front. Ensure that your plants do not block windows or doors. For flower garden designs that are an island, look at placing your tallest plants in the center.

Financial review bloom times – Year around blooming will mean that you have color throughout the year. Therefore, combine different types of plants in your flower garden design.