Tips for Protecting Your Garden during Harsh Summer

With summer in full force, many gardeners would be wondering how to protect their plants during the harsh summer heat. The tips below could be effective in helping to protect the garden.

Get started before summer is here

It is generally better to get started right before summer is here. The garden can be prepped better and some plants can be appropriately shielded from the sun. An important aspect to consider before summertime comes in is whether your garden is equipped with an adequate irrigation system. If you would be keeping your plants outdoors, you might have to water them down more often than during other cooler seasons. Watering in the morning and after sunset tends to be more effective in keeping the plants hydrated and in avoid water evaporation. A watering spike can also be used for this purpose.

Heat Protection

If you plants tend to be prone to damages from the heat, you might consider various heat protection options. The most popular method would be to ensure that the plants are effectively shaded. If your plants are potted, you might consider moving them in a region with appropriate shading such as under a tree or underneath a shed. For soiled plants, a mixture of seaweed extract can be added to liquid fertilizer in order to keep the roots of the plant hydrated. Alternatively, in regions where there are sufficient rainfalls, ground covers can also be used to protect the roots of plants. Overhydration can also be dangerous for certain plants.