Tips on Creating Your Very First Vegetable Garden

Tips on Creating Your Very First Vegetable Garden

Article by Gabriella Gometra

Do you want to start gardening from the comfort of your own home? Well right now is a great time to start. As the New Year comes in, you can start to do new things and begin planning your first vegetable garden. This is a great time to browse seed catalogs and take stock of your resources.

Firstly, you will have to assess the amount of garden space you have in your place. Even those without a lot of space can create a vegetable garden. If you do not have any land, you can start a vegetable garden in pots and containers. There are many vegetables that can be grown in containers, but you will have to water them very often.

If you have a small back yard, then you will be able to create a larger vegetable garden, and you can add more kinds of vegetables to it. Make sure that the area you choose gets lots of sunlight, so that your plants will grow up healthy. But if you can’t get a lot of light, then you can choose plants that do not require too much sunlight.

Next, you will have to check out the soil you have to work with. If you are starting out in your yard, what kind of soil do you have? Is it clay, sand, or sandy loam? Sandy loam is the best, since it is easiest for plants to grow in. If you want to be sure, you can have it checked at a gardening center. You can also check the pH level and nutrients for your plants.

If you do not have sandy loam, then you can mix the soil with compost or topsoil. The best compost is the livestock manure type. This will help balance out the clay or sandy soil. Make sure to apply the compost at least twice a year.

You need to realistically plan the amount of time you will be able to devote to your garden, all year around. Your garden needs to be maintained regularly, so you should know how much time you’re willing to give up. If you have only a little time, then you should start out with a small garden so that you do not end up wasting precious plants, water, fertilizer and your labor. Also, it takes time to do things like weeding and harvesting aside from watering.

Another important factor you have to think about is the weather and climate you have where you live. Also, the seasons that you experience are very important. You should plant your vegetables at the right season, or they might die. So check out what vegetables grow best where you live, and when you should start to plant them.

Once you’ve got everything figured out, you can start preparing the soil and planting already. You can buy seeds from nearby gardening stores or even have them shipped from online stores. Just make sure that the seeds you’re buying are good and that the store is trustworthy, so that you’re sure of the quality. Good luck and happy planting.

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