Tips To Organize Your Gardening Supplies At Home

Tips To Organize Your Gardening Supplies At Home

Article by Hunter Pyle

As much as we love to garden and plant new life, with such zeal, we should always make sure to tidy up our gardening supplies and work area. A nice tidy gardening work area with organized gardening supplies is always a joy to indulge ourselves. Here are a few tips to help in organizing your home gardening supplies.

1.To begin, clear out all clutter and trash.

2.Go through every items to check if it has reached its expiration date, or is dried up and no longer useful, these items you should dispose of properly.

3. Any items that are still full of use that you no longer have need of, give those away to someone else.

4.If you do not have a garden shed especially for your garden supplies, you can store them in a tool shed or a corner of the garage.

5.Try to categorize the inventory of what supplies you have.

6.All items that are in constant use should be stored close to the opening of the area where they are stored to afford you the ease of quickly locating and replacing the items as needed.

7.Large heavy items such as a lawn mower or wheel barrel should be placed towards the rear of the area, but also be easy to get to when you need those items.

8.Hooks or racks can be attached on a sidewall to hang such items as rakes, shovels, any sharp object that should be out of a child’s reach as well as lawn chairs, bikes and sleds.

9.Remember to clean any tools before storing to keep them from rusting while in storage.

10. A well-placed shelf will add a bit more storage space however; do not over load a shelf with more weight than it can bear. A high shelf can be used for storing poisons and other items out of a child’s reach.

11. If you take the time to label the place where everything belongs while you are organizing your garden supplies it will help in keeping everything organized as they are placed back from where they are stored after their use.

12. If you have nowhere to hang items for storage, you can use large garbage can or an upturned bar stool for corralling those items in one area.

13. An array of different household items can be used for storing small items, such as empty container with their lids, just be sure to label the container to keep everything in its own place or container.

14. A used cloth shoe rack can be placed over the inside of a door to make a handy storage area for small items.

15. While your in there organizing, if you have bird or animal feed, put some out for the birds or animals, you can watch them while your taking a break from all this cleaning and organizing.

16. A garden bench makes a nice addition to any garden for seating as well as being a handy place to store any other type gardening tools or supplies that you have.

17. Once you have your gardening supplies nicely organized and put away, take the time to sit with your feet up and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer.

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