Wicker Garden Furniture, Trends, Attitudes, and Options

Wicker Garden Furniture, Trends, Attitudes, and Options

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Throughout history trends regarding the application wicker garden furniture have changed. At various periods various wicker materials (i.e. rattan) were used more within rooms of a home than in conservatories, sun parlors, or outdoor locations.

Trends and Attitudes

However, of course this highly depended upon where in the world a person lived. On the other hand, where rattan sets are placed often is of very little significance concerning attitudes towards using it.

For instance, the material used to create it was once upon a time generally speaking acknowledged as only as a low-priced wood replacement as it used to be. However, it is now placed more often in affluent homes.

Your Options

It is it would be mostly to your benefit if you make it a point to look for the ones that are constructed from the strongest materials available. At the same time it helps if you find the ones that are as lightweight as possible so they are easy to move and store.

The most superior models of rattan garden furniture are UV treated and can be positioned outdoors throughout the year with no much chance of premature fading, splitting, or cracking of the rattan. Nearly all of these pieces come with an outdoor waterproof cover that keeps each piece when it is not being used.

Of course the decision you make may at least in part be according to what is offered at the time you are looking for new wicker collections. Therefore, it is up to you to take the time to seek out all your options.

Recommended Models

Today many people enjoy collections that include items such as an L-shaped sofa, cubed chair, or glass coffee table. Some sets are sold together while many people decided to mix and match from a variety of selections.

Two popular sets that include an L-shaped sofa and coffee table duo are the Jupiter and Saturn Sets. These are treated for both indoor and outdoor use, as most of them are today.

Other ones are based on more of a certain theme, such as Arizona, Havana, and Sahara styles. These are often preferred for more semi-formal to formal arrangements, as would ensembles that come with a glass table.

History and Origin

Rattan garden furniture initially became popular in England and American about the 17th and 18th centuries. About 70% of the material that is used to make this type of garden furniture comes from Indonesia.

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