5 Essential contemporary garden design ideas

Modern gardens are easy to maintain, less costly and yet pleasing to the eye. Here are five modern garden design ideas that are simple to create.

Hard landscaping – Hard landscaped gardens include water features, stones, raised beds and built-in planters. These gardens are very structured, and this helps the garden stay neat and tidy all year around.

Low maintenance contemporary garden – Look at adding self-irrigation and self-watering planters that help your garden stay fresh. To reduce weeds, add gravel and bark to beds to keep your planters weed free.

Varied heights – Changing the heights of your planters can also add interest. If you have a lot of space, consider adding height to your landscape to draw attention to specific plants and areas. On the other hand, for smaller spaces, look at a sky garden with different plants to add texture and interest.

Focal point – A focal point in a contemporary garden brings your entire space together. Look at a graphic design, a sculpture or a water feature to tie the whole area together.

Lighting – Modern gardens come alive at night when they are well lit. Add lighting to areas that you want to highlight by capturing certain plants or design lines. For a more extensive garden look at adding lighting to your pathways and entrances.

If you’re considering creating a contemporary garden, start by doing your research on plant varieties that will suit your space and match your design theme. You should then research images of gardens you would like to duplicate.