Protect your mail from identity theft

Your home and your identity are two things you should protect fiercely. Unfortunately, identity theft is one the rise. With the postal service delivering as many as 270 billion items every month, that is a lot of opportunity for identity thieves. Here are some tips from that you should follow at home to protect your mailbox and mail from identity thieves:

Tip #1

First of all, regardless of what mailbox you have, whether they are regular or high security Gaines mailboxes, never leave mail in your box. First of all, when there is mail, there is an opportunity for theft. However, the more important reasons is that you gain a sense of your regular mail flow, so you will know when you are getting less mail and from whom.

Tip #2

Next, if you haven’t already done so, get a locking mailbox. It is simple precaution that can throw off any potential identity or mail thieves. When you won’t be around, you can hand over a key to a neighbour to get your mail out for you.

Tip #3

Let’s say that you couldn’t possibly secure your mailbox for some reason. Then what do you do? Get a PO Box. Your local post office will rent out Post Office Boxes for a nominal monthly fee. The fee is not high and provides a great level of security for your mail. If you are not around or can’t secure your mailbox for whatever reason, this is a good option.