Choosing a New Foam Product For Your Couch or Sofa

Choosing-a-New-Foam-Product-For-Your-Couch-or-SofaIf you’re looking for the right type of upholstery foam in Canada, then you’re probably going to want something that is both warm and supportive at the same time. When your couch or sofa ages, the foam inside starts to wear down and becomes expendable. When this occurs, you could either replace the entire sofa or you can simply change up the foam.

Memory Foam

Although this isn’t the most common option that people go with, memory foam can be trimmed down to size for a custom-made couch that wraps around your body. Typically used for a bed, memory foam has increased in popularity to where it’s being used for a variety of applications. Memory foam, however, is expensive and if you are ordering custom foam in Canada, then you’re going to want to explore your options.

Closed Cell

Closed cell foam differs from open cell based off its structure and characteristics. Open cell allows for more air flow along with a lighter structure to it. Closed cell foam is more rigid and can withstand large amounts of pressure. If you want a durable option that’s going to last for years, it’s recommended that you go with closed cell. But ultimately, it all boils down to how much support you want on your couch as well as how soft you want it to be as well. Be sure to understand certain values like ILD and density as well. This pertains to the overall structure and comfort that your foam will provide.

Bio: Carlo Badalamenti is the marketing manager of Foam Factory, Inc. the most competitive foam supplier on the market.