Home and Garden Tips – Making Your Home a Better Place to Live

Home and Garden Tips – Making Your Home a Better Place to Live

Article by Steve Mann

Improving your garden and your home. With the economic downturn, many of us are spending much more time at home. While we are there, we start to notice that things are not as nice as we want them to be. Since we have some spare time on our hands, we should make use of it and improve our homes and our gardens. One of the easiest way we can improve our home is to paint the walls. Painting is not as hard as you might think. You will need to get enough paint to give all the walls at least two coats. Otherwise, the color of the old paint might bleed through. It is best to use a roller rather than a paint brush, as a roller leaves a smoother finish on the wall. You should also use a lot of masking tape to protect the baseboard, the ceiling, electrical outlets, and any built-in items such as cupboards or windows. Also buy a drop cloth to protect the floor. For the garden, you should get rid of all those weeds. Dandelions are particularly difficult, as their roots go very deep. If you don’t have a specific tool for removing dandelions, you can use a long screwdriver. Push the screwdriver as deep as you can into the soil alongside the root, then jiggle it back and forth until the soil is loose enough for you to be able to remove the dandelion without breaking the root. If you are particularly adventurous, you can cook and eat both the roots and the leaves. Make sure that you wash both the roots and the leaves thoroughly before eating them. Do not try to eat them if you have been spraying insect killer on your lawn, as you might become ill. These are just some tips to improve your home and your garden.

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